Who We Are
Children's Museum Research Center, China (CMRC) is affiliated to the Faculty of Education (FOE) at Beijing Normal University (BNU). CMRC was established in April 2013 and moved from China Philanthropy Research Institute (CPRI) of BNU to FOE in 2019.

CMRC has provided professional support for Lao Niu Children's Discovery Museum of China National Children's Center (CNCC) and Hohhot Lao Niu Children's Discovery Museum throughout the planning, construction, and operation process. CMRC has also promoted the development of children's museum projects in Hong Kong and Shanghai. As the strategic partner of the Association of Children's Museums (ACM) and Hands On! International Association of Children in Museums, CMRC has been dedicated to introducing the educational philosophy and professional practice of children's museums to China. CMRC has established long-term partnership with Hawaii Children's Discovery Center and Boston Children's Museum.
Early Learning Empowerment (ELE) is an informal action network initiated by CMRC.

Children are our future. As a major informal learning environment, museums have its social responsibility and unique opportunity to serve young children. To help museums better meet the developmental needs of children, we are committed to empowering early learning in museums through research based practice. We work with researchers to use research findings to guide practice and inform policy making in museum education for children. We collaborate with museums to share valuable resources and best practices to build capacity of museum educators and practitioners. We do research on the values of early learning in museums to provide professional support for decision makers in museum construction, operation, donation, and investment.
What We Do
CMRC builds research networks to delve into the educational philosophy and practice of children's museums in a scientific approach. In the adaptation of children's museums to the particular context of China, CMRC strives to solve the problems that emerge from localizing children's museums. CMRC draws on research findings to provide insight that can be tapped by decision makers in the reform of early childhood education in China.
To promote the establishment and development of children's museums in China, CMRC provides guidance for professional practice in children's museums in China, organizes industry conferences, builds connections and platforms, creates professional development opportunities, and shares valuable resources and information.